Why Risk Management?

No unexpected surprises

More efficient use of resources

Reduction in depreciation

Reduced fraud

Better service delivery to customers

Prevent business impact

Better management of contingencies and regular activities

Lower cost of capital

Improved innovation

Increasing change goals

More focus internally on doing the right things properly

More focus externally to shape effective strategies.

Risk Management - Redefined

Choose the RiskWizard Solution!

Risk Wizard Management suite

The software is very easy to learn and use

Simple and quick to access

Lower costs

Saves time and effort

Encourages staff participation

Based on international Risk and Compliance standards

Modern web based design

Internal and external hosting

Services aligned with software

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Risk Wizard - Risk Management softwareManage your strategic, operational and other business risk information quickly and easily by an user friendly tool which helps you to lower your costs and improve your productivity. read more


Risk Wizard - Incident Management softwareBuild your unique incident reporting process into our simple yet sophisticated system. Staff can quickly log incidents, track near-misses, compliance breaches, injuries, asset damage, complaints and financial loss events. read more


Risk Wizard - Compliance Management softwareStreamline your company compliance activities to save time and money. Manage obligations to (inter)national Compliance Standard and rely on our system to automatically notify you on open and completed tasks. read more

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